Sản phẩm dịch vụ
oneS Property Management System for hotel
Profile Management
Reservation Management
Front Desk
Room Management
Cashier Management
Rate Code & Packages
Account Receivable Management
Night Audit
Back Office & Interface
Data & Intergrate

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oneS Real Estate Management System

Guest's information management
Project management
Product management
Rate code & price policy management
Sales & Intermediary charge management
Contract management
Payment & Schedule management
Cashier and audit management
Design & Material management

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oneS Point of Sales
Managing menu & services 
Booking & ordering management
Setting material consumption
Inventory management
Layout management
Authoried users by shifts, zones
Cashier management

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ones Building Management System for Hotel
Layout Management
Guest's Information Management
Contract Management
Account Receivable and Deferred Interest Management
Inventory Management
Customer Services, Building Managers
Cashier & Audit

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oneS Golf Management System
Member management
Managing check in/ check out
Tee - time management
Setting rate code and price policy management
Caddy management
Buggy management
Falicities management
Proshop management

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oneS Parking Management System
Profile Management
Access Control
Identifying license plate
Showing status of parking slot 
Parking guidance, showing number of vacant parking slots
Managing parking charge

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oneS Smartcard Management System
Card Management
Guest Management
Sales Management
Booking Management
Management of Promotion Policy
System Management

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