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Advantages oneS-Parking of CS-Solution bring to customers

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Hệ thống quản lý bãi đỗ xe thông minh oneS-Parking của CS-Solution mang lại tiện ích gì cho bạn?
Today in Vietnam, the number of cars and motorcycles is increasing, which is inversely proportional to the number and area of parking lots. This situation affects not only the citizens but also directly affects the business of many enterprises.
Today in Vietnam, the number of cars and motorcycles is increasing, which is inversely proportional to the number and area of parking lots. This situation affects not only the citizens but also directly affects the business of many enterprises.

With the large and growing number of means of transport, it is not difficult to realize that the infrastructure, space reserved for parking are in short supply. There are any high-end construction projects, but the number of cars parked in the works is not enough to meet half of demand; additionally, with hotels, supermarkets, convention centers, jams in parking lots is no longer a strange thing.


To supply enough space for parking, owners have to look for advanced technical solutions to optimized the parking space. And CS-Solution's oneS-Parking is a great solution to solve this issue.

oneS-Parking of CS-Solution is an integrated solution of advanced technology and modern equipments: camera surveillance, access control by magnetic card system, recognition of vehicles’ license ...


With the oneS-Parking system, managers will be able to easily and accurately control any activities in the parking lot thanks to the following features:

Modules of the system:

- Automation controls traffic in and out of the parking lot through electronic signage system
- The system is capable of storing vehicle images by one-used cards, monthly cards, quarter cards, yearly cards. This image will be saved and backed up to detect wrongdoing during supervising cards and parking fee to avoid losses.
- The system automatically stores the data when the vehicle enters and automatically charges parking fee.
- The system helps to prevent problems such as: sending-data issue, broken barrier ...; The purpose is to get traffic smoothly without any lost.
- Automate the process of issuing cards, showing statistics and accounting.
- Ability to monitor the operation of charging equipment.
- The equipment and software are stable, suitable for outdoor environment with dusty and moist air.
- Software system is designed conveniently, easy to operate and easy to maintain. The system is well prevented from losing data.

Advantages of Parking Management System:

- Optimize the use of parking spaces
- Automated warning system helps to reduce crash risk compared to other parking lots.
- The system is up-to-date, integrating the other systems such as BMS, SMC, should reduce time cost and labor cost.
- Electronic monitoring and control systems recording images to track and supervise activities should increase the safety and security of vehicles in the parking lot.
- Energy saving: The driver does not need to drive around the parking lot to find parking space, thus saving on fuel costs.
- Bring satisfaction to customers, the convenience of modern parking lot.
- And many other features according to the needs of the managers and users.

Thus, with the advantages and benefits that oneS-Parking brings, enterprises can consider and select this system to save time, cost and human resources.

Parking Management System will also bring convenience and modern-life experience for the users and customers.

We who provide technology solutions are eager to bring the investors, customers the best products and services of the highest quality.

If you need more information about oneS-Parking, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or through phone (84-24) 397 664 35.

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